Monday, November 8, 2010

who was i kidding?

i really thought i could get future posts done, the last time i posted.  even though i posted just days before our next training group came.  even though the internet was out at my house.  i was optimistic.  today i'll just say that this is a post for now and maybe eventually another one will follow.  :-)  how's that for honest!

life, following suit to this entire year, has be characterized by extremely hard circumstances combined with an overwhelming sense of peace from God.  i hope that is what i am exhibiting to those around me.  i have tried to testify to what God has done and sometimes it seems that i let myself get in the way, because, after all, little dramas make good stories - and i like to tell a good story!

like, did i tell you about how i fell over the gas pump two weeks ago?....

but even better, did i tell you how my God has constantly, over and over, provided for my needs, my hurts, and my fears.  how He has seemingly hand crafted a Bible study for myself & the women who come to my house each week to meet our needs each and every week?  how my entire viewpoint on worry seems to be changed forever because of a sermon and a week of opportunity after opportunity to not worry (i'm sure you can imagine what that means!).  God is so good.

an old friend from jbc has been sharing in her blog, "growing more grateful" things she is thankful for everyday.  i love it!  so i'm going to share a few things now, a habit i want to form to testify how great God is!

i'm thankful for these women that i got to teach in SE Asia in September

i'm thankful for this delightful little boy.  it's been almost 8 months since his momma left this world, but he is a testament to how good God truly is!
homeschooling is going well.  right now, between my all the time family, my COAT training family and a family here for processing/debrief after their first term in Africa - I am working with 11 kids daily with school, processing and training!  praise God for an amazing assistant in Brittney!  praise God for cooler weather, so we can stretch outside when the room becomes a madhouse!

praise God for amazing friends - here in the mission, in Indiana, in my wonderful Church family - so many people to uplift me and share the joy of God in the midst of these hard times.
this walk would be so much harder alone.  i'm thankful He never has left me alone.