Friday, May 13, 2011

it's May...

and it is hot, hot, hot!   We've been rockin' 90+ degree temperatures daily for a while now and my struggling deodorant is proof.  I just spent a few minutes outside chatting with one of the ladies here at the mission and I am steamy mess right now.

What can I say though?  I love the sunshine.  It's a beautiful thing that I enjoy greatly (ahem...from indoors).

We chatted about house rentals (so hard to find the right one!) and the guilt we feel during our many moves (I've averaged at least 3 a year for the past 10 years) because we feel we shouldn't have so much stuff.  All the while I was blowing kisses with this pretty little pixie -

She was just a baby last year when she came through Orientation at the mission with her two big brothers.  It's a ball watching her bubbly personality shine through.  She's all bubbly, dainty, giggly, chatty, and a total ham.  

Something good is coming from all this hot, hot, hot too.  Can you spot them?

I'll give you a closer look - won't be too long now until they are ripe!  Do you know what they are?