Thursday, March 18, 2010


yesterday i lost one of my closest and dearest friends.  she was perhaps the best wife and mom i have ever met, loved people deeply, cried freely with and for others.  i'm having a hard time at this moment even believing this reality, even though i have spent most of the past 15 hours in tears.  Kylee died yesterday from eclampsia, leaving behind her husband Matt (of who she was his biggest fan and adored him in beautiful depths), children Seth, Lydia, and Sarai (who she loved to gather in her arms and tell them, "ohhh, i just love you so much!") and tiny infant Caleb, who she never got the chance to meet.

i am overwhelmed with sorrow.  i know where she is.  she is dancing and singing for the King of Kings, just like she was created to do and loved doing here on earth.  she had such a deep hope in heaven, a delight in Jesus.  she is going to be so deeply missed.  our loss is immense.  but it is not the end.  she's getting the party started, i'll see her in heaven again.  i can't wait for that hug.  

please pray friends.  while our hope is in heaven, this hurts so deeply.  

i want to put this on here because this brings me joy.  Kylee dancing and air guitaring to "God will lift up your head."  She had given me that song to listen to when I was struggling and in a hard place.  I can't think of anything more fitting.