Friday, July 20, 2007

organic housekeeping

i am quite pleased with this book i have been reading lately. it has so many great tips for cleaning and organizing that are simple, cheap, and good for the environment and you!

here's a few fun tidbits:

basically everything in the world can be cleaned/disinfected with white vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vodka, or any combination of the above. - my fear was that my house would stink with the vinegar, but it's odorless once it drys!

furniture oil can be made with 2 parts olive oil, 1 part lemon juice - my wooden table looks great!

we don't have a spice rack, so they all go in the cabinet. it was a mess! then i found two cheap baskets and label the tops of each spice with a sharpie. it's so easy to find what i need and the baskets are like drawers. (i wanted to put the spices in one of our kitchen drawers, but the spice jars are too tall.)

wooden cutting boards are much better than plastic. it's true! wood absorbes and kills bacteria in it's grooves in just minutes. bacteria can live in the grooves of plastic cutting boards for weeks, even after being washed. the old theory about wooden cutting boards being worse for you is totally false!

man, i've been totally home ec-y lately.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

a journey of hope

why do i wait months to post?

simply because God has been doing way to much to sit down and write about it.

i admit that the early summer left me fearful of what would lie ahead. i could only imagine that a summer separate from so many i loved and trusted, doing things that i was fearful of could only end badly. that i would emerge from this summer worse off, strained, and further from God. that my friends would grow apart from me. that i would never truly be open with those i love and they would move on before i could give and before i could let them in. that the happiness i had enjoyed would only be fleeting memory.

i couldn't have been more wrong. in late may (after my last post) God nudged me to realize that just because change was on the horizon, did not mean that it equaled things getting worse. i wrote these words in my journal:

"yet i have been told that there is hope in God. that His
hope does not disappoint. so that there is this possibility, faint,
growing in my heart, that there is hope. that maybe i will grow.
that maybe things will get better this summer. that i will become more
open and relationships will deepen. that i am not approaching a future
of doom, but instead a future of hope. there is hope."

and it was tested. day after day, this hope was tested. there have been so many rough spots and stretching moments this summer.


God showed me through a tim keller sermon that i have hope because of my future i have in Him. nothing is to difficult in light of what He has planned. because this life is not the end. i have so much hope in Him.

and hope has been found in the strangest, smallest, and beautiful ways. a guy on campus pulling my chair out for me causing me to realize that there are wonderful, godly, gentlemen out there and that maybe i can let down my pride and stubborn independance and receive love and graciousness from another.

that God could use me to teach a hardened group of high schoolers. that He does provide the words when you have nothing to say and no idea how to say it.

that God gives me the strength to serve in places that are unsafe.

that He doesn't give up on me and puts people in my life who do the same.

that He is still calling me overseas, He just wanted me to trust Him with the location.

that He finds me worthy enough to continue teaching me even though i fail to listen so often.

that He's helping me be more honest.

that He puts people in my life at the right time (sometimes even strangers) to pray with me.

that He brings unexpected new friends.

that He has given me the ability to sleep again - without medication.

that He has renewed my passion for asia.

that He is sovereign.

it's true, actually, what the Bible says - Hope does not disappoint.