Tuesday, April 24, 2007

this one's for the kiddies

i can't help it.

i believe in children.

call it idealism or hope in the future generations. perhaps it is more of hope of what i know God can do in future generations.

i believe that kids can grasp bigger concepts than we give them credit for. the essential truths that we teach baby adult christians should be taught to actual our baby christians (non-adult) also. we can teach children bible stories all day and all night, but if they come away with "God likes animals" from the noah tale we have withheld so much from them. we would never dream of stopping there with someone whose walk with Christ we were invested in. we would tell them of how God hates sin, but He remembered noah. that God was glorified and you can trust a promise from God.

we can give kids stories. or we can help them encounter God. they already know He exists. they seldom doubt. we just rarely give them a chance to know and experience God.

i believe children can pray and mean it. i've seen it. i believe that the Holy Spirit is alive and working in children. i believe God's power and Jesus' love is applicable in the lives of "God's shortest followers."

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Skywhicker said...

perhaps this is why Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is for such as these and that we must become like children.