Monday, October 26, 2009

a taste of fall up north

i went up to atlanta two weeks ago for the catalyst conference.  in a word, it was awesome.  i got an amazing reassurance of my ministry.  it became so clear that i have been judging myself for not having this stellar, rock-star perfect ministry by now.  instead, the past few years have had many struggles, pitfalls and setbacks.  yet, i was so reassured that i'm being grown and molded by God in His perfect timing and ministries take time to build.  i'm still so young!  society tells me that i have to have it all together and be climbing whatever ladder is before me right now, but God tells me to rest in His grace and trust His timing in my life in everything.  and oh, what amazing things He can do in the things i think are struggles, pitfalls and setbacks.  that's when i have to throw up my hands and say You're right God, i'm not in control, i can't do this, it's all You. and how HE MOVES!!

after that i spent the weekend with the lovely binkleys!  i got to see emilee and kelsey - and had lots of hanging out girl time with Nina!   too bad bethany and mary were out of town!

the awesome oreo chocolate cream cake kels and i made for her husband travis's birthday!

then i headed on up to knoxville
i wanted to spend some time with my best friend, kristen, her husband cameron and baby Jenna - well 2 year old baby.  :-)  i figured i could plan for COAT kids just as easily from her house and the JBC teacher ed resource center as i could from home, so off i went.  kristen and her husband just lost a baby and kristen has beautifully written about her experience and God's faithfulness here.  i have been so encouraged by their faithfulness and trust in God.

trying to get a picture of jenna, kris and i proved to be tricky.

very tricky

but i did get one of a sleepy jenna & me


all in all a great trip up north.  didn't see everyone i wanted to see but i had amazing quality time with kristen, which was totally worth it.

coming, i almost promise that it will be this week, pictures of my first week of coat kids with my family with 10 kids and my family with 2.  i'm homeschooling 6 kids daily!  it's crazy wonderfulness.


EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

It was so great seeing you while you were up here in the ATL!! Glad you had a great visit with your friend and safe trip back home. How did the quilting come along? Can't wait to see the finished product!! (Love the new blog banner-so beautiful!!)

Andy's Bethy said...

I so wish I could have been there to see you. I love hearing about the amazing things God is doing with you, and through you. Would have loved to hear it is person...
Have to agree with Em - LOVE the new blog banner. You are beautiful, in every way.

Travis & Kelsey said...

Abby, It was so great to hang out with you a few weeks ago!!!! You will be so very proud of me, I posted. Yes, I tell the truth. It isn't the apartment pics but I will get those some time soon. I do have to make a correction to your blog thou. I crunched up the Oreos which could hardly be thought of as having helped make that amazingly beautiful and delicious masterpiece of yours :)
I 100% agree with my sisters that your new blog picture is so gorgeous!!! Luv ya!!!

Anonymous said...

How great to see the pics of your "other sisters" in Atlanta! Also great to see Kristen & Jenna! MOM

Anonymous said...

yes, I agree. The cake was delicious, the visit was wonderful, the new picture is beautiful. We are safely home, many crazy stories, but isn't that the way we like things? love you girl, other mom (nina)