Wednesday, December 9, 2009

calm christmas

my new background was entitled "calm christmas."  i couldn't think of anything i would want more.  i'm trying to sit here calmly for a few moments, not thinking about the 2 pies i need to make tonight or all the errands i need to run for the children's celebration tomorrow.  i'm taking a few minutes to slowly eat my blueberries and not think about how we are going to get the pinatas made in time or what games i can come up with at the last minute for tomorrow.

i'm not thinking about my surgery on friday and how i'm going to be healing still on christmas day.  i'm not thinking about how i'm going to have to tell my nieces and nephews that i can't play around with them like normal because i have to protect my nose and i will even have to be careful about which way i hold them on my lap.

no, i'm thinking about calm this christmas, just for a few minutes until...


never mind.

i can hear the children coming.

time to go back to my happy flurry of activity.

it was fun while it lasted, right??

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Andy's Bethy said...

Calm never lasts long around children does it? They always end up being worth it, but sometimes in the middle of the insanity you wonder~
I guess I'll have to call Mom and ask her what kind of surgery you are talking about!
BTW, I am trying not to think about pinatas or last minute games either - sounds like we have a similar schedule going on!