Saturday, September 4, 2010

internet Jesus and the search for answers

“look at me. i need you to give me a verbal answer.  looking away from me silently is not an answer.  even if you don’t know, you still need to respond audibly.”

i found myself saying these words to one of my kids this week.  homeschooling has started back up and all week i’ve noticed that when i ask Micah a question he didn’t know how to answer or thought that the answer wasn’t desirable – he would simply look away in silence.  it was driving me batty.  so by thursday i sat toe to toe with him and laid it out for him.  i needed a response.

funny how God teaches us lessons.  tonight my week with micah and my life group conversation came colliding. we were talking about the one question we would ask God if we could.  most of us assumed that we would be in heaven to do this asking. 

i mused why i, myself, pictured myself questioning God in heaven at the end of my life, rather than on earth, now.

i realized i wanted an audible answer. 

i want the easy way.  the quick direct answer from God, please.

you see, even with Micah, i can usually figure out what he’s thinking without him giving me an audible response – i just have to try harder.  i have to watch his non-verbal cues.  i have to know him.  if i try, i can see when he’s frustrated, disappointed or mad.  it just takes work. 

it takes relationship.

so it goes with God.  i want “internet God.” instant answers.  instant help, when i want it.  

i don’t want to ask God a question and then wait for an answer.  i want it now!  just like the bratty Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka, “don’t care how, i want it now!”  i become a bad egg.  i convince myself that i’m not made to wait for answers.  i’ll pray and 6 seconds later i’m off, frustrated that God hasn’t spoken yet.

yet, there is no relationship in “internet Jesus.”  relationships take work.  and it’s beautiful when a friend “learns you.”  when you understand them – like me understanding that Micah sometimes needs to be silent while I need to slow down my need for instant answers from him and just be around him – you get something far deeper and greater than you could imagine.  

i want answers but i don't want to wait for them.  even more so, i don't want to invest in the relationship with God, to understand who He is.  i'm a child of my generation - microwave food, internet, iphones, atms.  i live in a world that moves fast.  i get antsy when the internet connection is slow or i can't text someone.  yet i try to demand the same of God.  God who took 9 months to painstakingly form me in my mother's womb.  

God is more than worthy to be savored.  


Rachel @ A Cupcake for Moose said...

What a beautiful and honestly refreshing post. I feel the same way most days...internet speed desires. However, these days God is teaching me to have faith without knowing his purpose (yet). As hard as it is, I am grateful He believes I can learn this lesson. Your post spoke to my heart Miss Abigail. Thank you! Love you!

P.S. Love the last line, "God is more than worthy to be savored." Beautiful truth.

Andy's Bethy said...

We have been learning this lesson a lot around here. Wanting answers, NOW - and having to remember that sometimes what we think is no answer is actually just the answer "wait". Like you said, our rush generation is not very good at waiting.
I want to wait on Him, Savor him.
Beautifully said - Thank you Abby.

Anonymous said...

love the new post....beautifully written & great food for thought! (thanks Abby, "you saved my life"! or "I gave you life" HA)

EmileeHope said...

Great post Abby! Too true that we want immediate answers...the waiting part is always that hardest! I can be so impatient about waiting for anything!!