Saturday, October 9, 2010

life these days

busy busy busy abby - that's what my sister-in-law called me yesterday in an email.  i never think about how busy i am regularly, that is, until i talk to a neighbor that i haven't seen in weeks because i'm always coming and going, or until fridays.

fridays...sigh.  i homeschool kids monday through thursday mornings and so friday is my "i don't have time for that now, i'll just do it on friday" catch up day at the end of every week.  it always feels like i hit the ground running and don't stop the entire day.  our next COAT group comes in next week, so prep is at a crazy high.  aren't fridays supposed to be relaxed??

today i'm sitting at panera using their free wifi, trying to update my life and prepare for church tomorrow.  i was asked to do the communion message for this week a while ago.  the Lord has put something on my heart, now the task is not getting distracted in these final preparation moments.  it's so easy to do.  i have plants that need planted in front of my house, i have to pick up my new-to-me washing machine today, bake a dessert for tomorrow night, do the stacks of laundry that have been piling up since my old washer went kaput, take a table and chairs to a friend...and so it goes.

i want to write a long update about asia, but right now panera is filling up and i feel like i should give some sweet senior citizens my table.  so i'll leave links to my friends' website - they have a podcast about my time in M and you can hear Maggie's thoughts briefly about her first days out of the country for the first time in her 16-year old life!  also there is a short video clip of us petting actual white elephants!  so cool.  they are albinos and asia is where the whole "white elephant" gift tradition came from, as explained here.  and to explain my face in the picture here, that is me masking fear with a smile.  i know how strong elephants are - they are the most deadly animal in africa, did you know that!?  i did not like turning my back to her to be able to smile for pictures.  i thought they were lovely, i liked petting and feeding them, aaaaannndd, i was very very nervous.  please don't hit me with your super strong trunk.  please don't stomp me!  but i made it out alive and we got to do that for free!

as soon as i get internet back at home, i will attempt to write more stories of the time in asia.  God gave me some amazing opportunities to teach and serve.  and He amazed me with His faithfulness in my travels.

pray for my time tomorrow speaking at church.  i'm honored and excited to share, but also nervous.  pray that my favorite nervousness word, "ummm" doesn't overtake me and i will speak only what God wants me to share - and clearly!


Megan said...

love the new look :) love you. love your writing.

EmileeHope said...

A white elephant! Cool!!! I can't wait to hear more! Love ya Abby!!

Dan & Mary said...

oh yes i have a similar picture with the same face!