Friday, November 21, 2008

leading a simple life of quiet desperation trash is my treasure.

so today i joined some friends for lunch at subway.  it's a great treat because subway is only two blocks away, so we can walk and  they have $5 footlongs!  that's $5 for lunch and dinner!

so i ate my yummy chicken sandwich half, got to know a few new people and then realized i was short on time to get back to be with the kids, so i hurriedly grabbed my tray and said my goodbyes.  i head to the trash can, make a quick drop there, turn around and realize with horror - "i just threw my dinner away!"  

i looked to my friend kylee who wasted no time in saying, "fish it out!"  at first i completely balked at this idea.  then i reasoned.  this is my dinner.  this was $5.  that sandwich was wrapped tightly in two layers of paper.   i'm a missionary.  this would be good stewardship.

so i did it.  i opened the trash can door, pulled the can out and looked in.  i was pleased to see mostly napkins and paper inside.  my sandwich was right on the top.  i pulled it out, there was nothing on the paper at all, no sticky veggies, no sauce, nothing.  my friends all reassured me that it was fine (but i still got a bag to carry it home in so i could stop touching it).  

and so here i am confessing something.  desperation?  complete proof that traveling overseas and living in 3rd world countries does change you in some ways?  my love for food?  

either way, i will be eating my sandwich tonight (even though i will wash my hands after i take it out of the paper and throw that away - i still have standards!).  as one of my friends remarked, "one man's trash is another man's treasure."  although in this case, it does seem that it is my trash that is my treasure.  ha!


Ryan said...

Way to go...a subway sandwich would be a sad thing to lose. Hope you enjoyed your dinner. And hope that you get your sewing machine working again too! :)

Jen said...

that's great!

Lena said...

You're awesome Abby!

EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Way to save the sandwich!!! No shame-that was a perfectly good sandwich in there!! (And like you said, it was well wrapped.) I think it could have something to do with traveling to a third world country, or maybe it is just the fact that it would be wasteful to let that yummy sandwich go that easily! (Thank goodness it didn't land in anything yucky in the trash can or you might not have been able to go through with the save!!) Have a wonderful week and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

andysbethy said...

I am totally with you on that one. You could not let that sandwich go to waste! Good job Abby - I am so proud. Just so you know, I would totally let you teach my kids! (and I don't say that to pretty much anyone!)