Thursday, February 12, 2009

a treat - i hope - after my long absence

posts have been lacking lately because i have been busy.  it's been a hard adjustment with this new group.  a lot of defiance and a baby who just doesn't like to go to sleep and will wrestle to stay awake.  but this afternoon three lovely people from the office, including jen have taken on the kids (9 of them!) for the afternoon - giving me time to do planning, play catch up and blog!!

so, i thought in honor of my afternoon "off" - i would do something fun and post video of the new house that God has bless us at NMSI with and the amazing new kid's area that was built on to the "garage" of it.  (i'll add the kid's video later).  watch them in order to get the complete tour.  hope you don't mind the narration, i tried to make it as non-annoying as possible.  :-)


Kaminsky said...

Wow! The new house looks great! Nice Video Tour!

Anonymous said...

Loved the video...can't wait to see the kids area- MOM