Friday, May 21, 2010

God is so good to me

it's been a crazy week.  how many of us can say that most weeks?

one week ago at this time i was sitting at my desk crying because i had the rude realization that i had absolutely no credit, meaning that there are so many things that i can't do without credit.  i felt so embarrassed that i got to almost 27 before i realized how important establishing credit was.

and then i went home and made cupcakes for my friend's birthday party that night - which ended up also ended up being a surprise early birthday party for me!  

a few days ago i was driving to my friends' house to babysit for their kids when wham - a truck slammed into the back corner of my car.  turns out the truck was trying to make a left turn across 3 lanes of traffic behind me while i was stopped at a red light.  a car coming in the far lane couldn't see the truck coming and they slammed into each other and as a by product, into me.

within a minute, 2 couples from NMSI, the Steiners & the Kuests, on their way home saw me and pulled over to stand with me, calm me, hug me, and help me figure out information to take down and talk to the police.  i walked towards one of the cars and noted how both cars were leaking fluids and were badly smashed.  i looked at Bob (who i call Papa Bob) and remarked, "I have so much to be thankful for."  No one was hurt, I didn't go into shock, and my car was barely scathed.  God's hand was on me!
last night after a great evening with my friends, i put my hand in my purse to check for my house keys and had the sudden memory of tossing my keys to my purse earlier that night at my house and missing my purse.  at the time i thought, "i better not forget to pick those up (and then promptly forgot).  all i could do was look at my friends sheepishly and tell them, at midnight, that i had locked myself out of my house!

my wonderful friend elisha offered to follow me home and see if she could help.  we found an unlocked window that we pried open and she could shimmy into and get to the door (no small feat, these are crank windows, not exactly spacious.  i told her i would never again begrudge her for being so much skinnier than i am - because God provides!  and it was a great laugh.  (i wish i could show you all the pictures, but i promised her i wouldn't).  :-)

and today i held beautiful newborn Madelyn at the hospital, daughter of my friends, the Fosters.  an adorable reminder that life keeps going on.

and my church increased my support without me even having to ask - what an answer to prayer!!

and the showtunes that my pandora station has been playing all afternoon are wonderful and i keep singing along for my poor office-mate.

God is so good to me.

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Andy's Bethy said...

Sounds like a full week - but good and bad blend together and create plain old life.
So glad that you were protected in that accident. Love the story of climbing through the window. Remind me to tell you the story about the day all four sets of keys to my car got locked into it...
And credit, well, one step at a time. At least you don't have BAD credit!