Tuesday, May 18, 2010

mi casa

i'm all moved in, more or less.  things are still a mess and i'm waiting on an entertainment center to get delivered from friends before i start hanging things on the wall - but, i'm in.  and it is slowly but surely feeling (and smelling!) like home.

oh smell.  that was my one big hiccup moving in.  when i toured the house it smelled, well, like nothing, because i didn't notice a thing.  but somewhere along the lines before the other girl moved out and i moved in, she had guests over who smoked in the driveway with the house door open.  and in a house this small, the smell went everywhere.  smoke is one of my highest allergens and she tried to negate it with 8 glade plug-ins.  again, tiny house, way too much scent.

so i have thrown all the glades out, and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned.  and it's starting to smell like home for me.  slightly lavender and slightly of baked goods.  all is well.

living room (back door to small covered deck & washer/dryer)

close up on thrift store lamp & garage sale sewing cabinet - lamp is new, sewing cabinet has been around a while, aren't they great!

standing on the other side of the living room facing the front door.  kitchen is to the left.  isn't the "library chair" a hoot!?  as with the other furniture, they are all loans from friends.  it may not be my first pick in chairs, but it sure is comfy.

looking into the kitchen standing by the "library chair."  the eat-in counter wraps around.  it's a teeny kitchen, but has a surprising amount of counter space.

looking directly into the kitchen.  notice the little pass-through window that looks into what could be a dining room, but i'm using as a guest room/sitting room.  

close-up of the pass through window and my canisters.

bathroom shower curtain.  i love the bathroom, both it and the kitchen have gorgeous stone work done in them by the owner's father.  

pass through window from the sitting room.  this room is almost all windows and gets tons of light.  it might be my favorite.  it has a double bed that i'm going to use for guests or as a nice big couch.  someday soon i'll have a comforter to go with the pretty green metal tree that will be hung on the wall soon.

my bedroom.  gorgeous bedroom suite left by the previous tenant.  it's queen sized and right now has a double bed in it.  i'm hoping to someday have a queen mattress for it, but right now i am feeling so blessed by such a beautiful (free!) bed that i can wait for God to provide a mattress set that actually fits it.  there is a mirrored dresser that matches as well.  

well, there's the house!  it's hard to tell, but there is a chair rail that goes all around the bedroom and living room.  the living room is two colors (darker on bottom) and the bedroom is all one, which i would love to change, but i'll have to talk to my landlords (the wife is the CFO of NMSI) about that.  it's a cozy little cottage.  

come visit me!


EmileeHope said...

Nice place Abby!! What is the new address? I want to send you a "real" snail-mail card. That is always nice, especially at a new place, to get "real" mail, instead of just the junk mail and bills that normally come!

Kaleena said...

Love it Abs! Can't wait to see it in person! Your "sewing cabniet" is Mckynzye's play kitchen painted white! HA! btw - she still says "Abby, eat, Nana" - "We ate with Abby while we were at Nana's" Miss you!

Anonymous said...

I actually LOVE the library chair.. you just need to recover the cushions...that style is great. glad you got your own place...it is adorable. Nina

Jenna'sMommy said...

Can I get your address too, friend? I love you, and the place looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I kept wondering why I hadn't seen pics of your new house...guess I missed your entry & went on to the May 18th one..silly me....just love the house..thanks for the tour...guess I sent you Queen sheets because I thought that was what you had...silly me again! MOM