Sunday, August 31, 2008


i can't help it.  

part of me wants to tell my few readers to tell their friends, increase my readership!  i want to be famous!

it's really not my fault.  i got the bug when i was in preschool on the church christmas program, uttering those famous first lines, "christmastime is when santa claus comes!"  i heard the slight chuckle from the crowd and i was hooked.  i got to do my favorite thing, pretending, in front of everyone and win them over good.  it was fabulous.  

so now, the constant battle rages.  do i do things for God's glory?  for pure enjoyment?  or because secretly deep down, i want hundreds of people to read my words, (or listen to me speak, eat my food, etc...) and be amazed at my wit, humor, charm, and giftedness.  

sadly i know the answer is too often the later.

(to put minds at ease, my character in that first play was later given a lesson on the true meaning of christmas. ) 


andysbethy said...

I would just like to say... I completely understand. The battle rages. But, God IS given glory when we try, so keep it up. Even when we enjoy the attention or the laugh, God is still glorified. As long as we give Him first place (and I know you, and you do) then that is what really matters. Give Him first place, then rightly and fully enjoy the little bit of honor that may shine on you. As long as you know it isn't what lasts, and isn't what matters, I don't think there is anything wrong with getting a laugh out of it!
So keep enjoying, and spreading the enjoyment to me! I love reading what you write!

Dawn said...

Well, here is one more reader : )