Sunday, August 31, 2008

i'm going to be blogging a whole lot more...

i am now over 24 hours into living in my own place.

on my own.  still on campus.  but by myself.  alone.  with lots of time to myself.  did i mention i'm alone?  

now do not get me wrong, i thrive and recharge on my own.  i have a very active inner-mental life that is quite entertaining and enjoyable (if i do say so myself).  in fact i may be at my most charming when i'm alone - too bad for everyone else!

this new lifestyle change came from a combination of several things, including the need to fit one more girl into the fall coat (community, orientation, assessment, training) program and my need to have a space for all the coat kids.  you see we have a room, but that room is missing some key things, like nap space, and oh, a friendly wonderful place we know as a bathroom.  my new place just happens to be attached to the kid room, aka the back porch, and so now i live where i work, or as i like to think of it, i work from home!  there is a small room in the apartment that is being filled with pack n plays and a bassinet.  and yes, there is a bathroom.

now, while i'm quite keen on inviting people over and going to see people, when push comes to shove, i will be spending more alone time.   this is the first time in over 7 years that i haven't lived with a bunch of girls.  

so here's what i've noticed:

  • sleeping in house where i know, i know that i won't be woken up by anyone's voice, phone call, loud feet, snoring, heavy breathing, etc... is bliss.  truly.  
  • sleeping in a queen sized bed alone is lonely.  i thought i would love all the room.  a double bed is perfect, i couldn't imagine sharing a bed with another person, i was just fine with my space.  but this bed, this is too much space.
  • i notice everything now.  like intently watching my toilet to see if it still leaks water each time it is flushed.  because i have to notice - no one else will!
  • that i'm getting very bad about narrating out loud when i cook (the result of many hours watching food network)
  • i was, in fact, responsible for drinking the majority of the sweet tea in my house.  now i have no way of denying it.
  • groceries for one is ridiculous.
  • i know it's excessive, but i lock every lock at night.  down to the chain lock that makes me feel a little bit like i'm in a hotel. so no worries mom and random friend or two that read this, every night i click and turn and slide and secure myself in good and tight.  
  • and finally, i, the girl who did not eat more than 3 vegetables until my 20s, was bummed out when i realized that i forgot to get broccoli today on my shopping trip - with no roommate broccoli to fall back on.  i really wanted that green goodness.  and then i secretly made fun of myself inside my head for craving broccoli.  i mean, who craves broccoli?  
look out world, abigail's in her mid-twenties and craving the greens.  the apocalypse is surely around the corner.


Kelsey and Travis said...

What fun to read your blogg?

As I grew up with three sisters, like you, I had very few times in my life when I lived on my own (had my own room). Then when there was a wide open opportunity for me to at once have my own space, Bethy and Em were out of the house, I couldn't handle it and so Mare and I ended up sharing a room up until a few months ago and now I have another life long roommate.

Dawn said...

I haven't been alone in a very, very long time. Two weeks ago, I was. DH and DS were camping and DD was at a friends house. Like you the doors were locked. The dog was set on guard, if that is really possible (if nothing else, he would delay them with kisses. At 80lbs and still growing, he may seem at least a little intimidating.). I wrapped myself in my blanket and turned the tv on. I could not stand the silence. I give you credit, because I could not do it day in and day out. I was happy that everyone came home the next day.