Saturday, December 6, 2008

first time ice skating

so yet another first in the life of abigail.  last night was my friend lena's birthday, so we took her to the skatium a few blocks from here.  that's right folks, i went ice skating for the first time in my life in florida.  what a crazy world.

Here's the whole group ready to skate!

Here I am enjoying a moment of almost complete uprightness!

Here I am after fall #2 - the guy working there who helped me up taught me how to stand up after a fall right after this pic.  he complimented me on remembering that lesson after fall #3 (which is the fall that i am still feeling today)

yet after skating came my time to shine - cake time!  i may have topped myself with this moist 3-layer devil's food cake with sweet cream filling and an almost fudge-like icing.


Lena said...

Yeah Abigail!!! You didn't do bad and you stuck it out to the end =) I was very proud of you!!! And yes...the cake was FABULOUS!!!! YOu go girl!

andysbethy said...

I love Ice skating. I can't believe you have never been before!! Well, it is about time... I am so glad you got to try it. Even if you don't fall, you are sore the next day just FYI, at least, if you only do it once a year or so like I do!
The cake looks fabulous! Everyone is blogging about food right now - not good for a diabetic who should be in bed, rather then craving chocolate!

EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Looks like fun! We are going ice skating for Mary's birthday and I can't wait!! (We go to a small outdoor ice skating rink they set up at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta during the holidays!)