Monday, December 29, 2008

we wish you a merry christmas

warm wishes from me and my adorable nephew ethan.

check out the background after you watch it once.  that's not really my mom, it's a cardboard cutout.


Jen said...

a cardboard cut out??? and why?

Abigail said...

hehehe...sorry, that was me teasing my mom. she was with me when i made this entry...we couldn't believe how still she was standing! she doesn't move the entire time!

Anonymous said...

Ethan and I just watched the video together. He made me play it 3 times. Your mom and Craig are both standing completely still.

Ethan says to tell Aunt Abby " HI"!

Anonymous said...

What I loved was the talking in the background... was that Aaron talking about some game? they were oblivious to the important film making going on around them. Hey, your dad is pretty still also.... NINA

andysbethy said...

Adorable!! Someone needs to come and help me with Zion! He (and I) need to learn some more sign language.
You family keeps growing, and there are so many that I have not ever met now. That sort of freaks me out... Time just keeps on flying!