Sunday, December 14, 2008

lost video of me

so i found this online today.  i remember filming this one wednesday night before church and i also remember that i was gone the following sunday when it was shown and i was never able to see it!  i always wondered what on earth the finished video was about.  (my worship pastor was preaching sunday and this was his lead-in).  

so here's a little glimpse of me in my much blonder days.  the little boy at the very beginning was one of my first kids in my preschool ministry in knoxville...pretty cute, huh?


andysbethy said...

That was a hilarious video. You were so cute Abigail! I loved the little girl at the beginning too. She was adorable.
So, what was the lesson?

Abigail said...

i never found out the lesson! i went home to indiana that weekend, which is why i hadn't even seen this video until this week. i have no idea what he preached about - only that it was titled "prove it."