Monday, July 20, 2009


sometimes i wait to post because i want something profound to say. so i post when i have some random burst of inspiration.

that doesn't seem to happen to often.

other times God is teaching me lessons, but i just don't know how to share them.

and still other times i want to share wonderful house-y type tips like my stay-at-home mom friends, but the past month hasn't been spent doing those things. and the reality is that isn't the crux of my daytime.

i've had an wonderful summer with friends. many of them new. and most of them are now gone. i am thankful and heavy hearted all at the same time.

today i am thankful that God keeps bringing me more wonderful friends since i live in a world where friends are always leaving to go extraordinarily far away.

today i am thankful for the flowers on my desk - bought from kate at the farmer's market. the color of them takes my breath away every time i look up. good job God.

today i am thankful for friends who love truth.

today i am thankful for supporters who encourage me and help me all along this crazy walk i'm on.

today i'm thankful for the baby who knows my name and waits for my car to pull into the drive with a huge smile on her face.

today my heart is heavy with all those i'm missing and thankful for all i've got.

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Andy's Bethy said...

Sounds like a good way to start the week - thankful!
I especially like the flowers comment.
Love you!