Tuesday, July 7, 2009


just jumped a really big hurdle for myself this morning. something that has taken me years to get up the courage to do. (vague, i know, but believe me, it's for the best). immediately after i got a bit of discouragement. questioning why i would do what i did. was it the best time? i knew it was long overdue and after a few minutes of hurting and frustration i realized - maybe this bit of discouragement is so i will trust God more.

and i have to tell you, the fact that i was even able to come to that thought after a year of not being able to see God in so much of my day to day life - got me butterflies in my stomach giddy. and the peace that came with it wasn't too bad either.


EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

I am sorry that you felt bad, but glad that in the end it brought you peace...if I read that right?!? I love you Ms. Abby and I still REALLY REALLY want to get with you to sew and quilt sometime!!

Anonymous said...

so you went on and got that tatoo we talked about huh? just kidding.. Nina