Tuesday, July 7, 2009

things i've been making lately

watermelon juice...yummy. don't be deceived by the spoon, i totally used my hands to smoosh the melon through the strainer.


i made two of these handsome little guys for friends' babies.


i cannot get over how cute his little tail is! you can't see it but he also has a little spikey mane going all down the back of his head.

okay, so technically i didn't make this - but i did get a new haircut! praise Jesus for Great Clips' yearly $5.99 haircut sale!

this one is guido the frog. he's a handsome little guy too. right now he greets all of us housemates when we walk upstairs, but his future home is with my future nephew - my roommates have joked that i'll have crocheted a whole zoo for the newest alter baby by christmas - we'll see.

using the leftover persimmon colored yarn from the giraffe i made myself a little hat!

(not a terribly attractive picture of me or my housemate, but it shows the hat's color)

and of course, another new cake, this one was a mocha chocolate something cake for my friend megan's birthday. i can't remember the name. it was coffee flavored so i didn't touch a bite, but i heard it was yummy.


EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Love the hair cut!! You are so beautiful!! Love those adorable animals too...I will have to learn how to make those! TOO CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

so many things! i love your new hair cut! i hope to see it in person before it grows too much. and i love that you make cakes for your friends even though you don't like the taste. a true friend! :) and maybe instead of your friend's baby's your friend's who are moving to africa (far away from you) could have a little animal? just a thought.

-mary elane

Anonymous said...

love the new cut/style...& the animals & hat...so cute! There's that technical term "smoosh" again! your first post of the day has us wondering, of course, but you always make the best of any situation...love MOM

Anonymous said...

I love the haircut too.... you look so beautiful!!!! When are you going to come see us? you know about everyone is here right now... I would pay your gas if you could get a weekend away.... Do you have many people who pay to have your company? love you girl...NINA
hey Diana when you read this I'm saying hi to you too and wish I could see you, last time we were in Indy. we had to spend time with the fam. for bob's moms 80th... love you also...

Jenna'sMommy said...

#1-- LOVE LOVE LOVE the new haircut! Beautiful!
#2-- Also LOVE the animals and the hat. Did you use patterns?

Andy's Bethy said...

Wow - you have been busy girl. Make sure you tell Emilee how to make those animals, because I want some for Eden and the boys.
The new haircut is adorable, and I am thinking that watermelon juice sounds delicious. After I finally get moved and settled again, I am going to have to get creative myself...

M & H said...

Cute hair!! And you're now officially kicked out of the "I can't wear hats" club, with a loving boot of course!

Kelsey and Travis said...

I love the hair cut!!! You look adorable!!!! The little yarn animals are adorable as well.