Friday, September 2, 2011

Fine Lines and Acne

There is something I've noticed in the mirror lately.

Little tiny lines around my eyes.  No, not the ones when you smile - the ones that stay after you smile.  Also, huge honking zits, that keep showing up in the oddest places.  Teenage zits are respectable, they come in normal places, like your forehead and nose.  Late 20's zits? Totally unpredictable.  Farthest corner of my jaw?  Check.  Near my ear?  Check.  Inside my nose?  Really?  And yes, Check.

I've decided that if there is ever a book to be written about this stage of my life it has to be called "Fine Lines and Acne - Negotiating Your Late 20's/Early 30's."  Did anyone ever warn me about this?  I clearly wasn't listening.

There are many quirky things about this era.  I always thought that erm...shape shifting...would occur after I had babies.  I am now convinced that this happens regardless of babies.   Gray hair, curves, and fine lines all seem to be taking their rightful place on me.  I "can't eat what I used to."  Of course, I still do - but I am sure that somewhere 16 year old Abby is in shock at the hips on 28 year old Abigail.

Yet, I have a face that still fools people into believing I am in high school.  Ticket takers are rarely close enough to see these little lines creeping in on my face and those few stray gray hairs.  And today, when trying to wrangle my pre-haircut hair into something manageable, I came up with braids.  Two of them.  Surely there is a hairstyle out there that would make me look older than 14?  But do I want it?

You see I can't decide if I want to look older or younger.  I'm not wishing my youth away.  I still hope to be a blushing bride someday.  But I have no desire to be a teenager again.  Those days are gone.  (I wish the acne was too!)   My body clearly can't decide either.  Hence the fine lines.  And the acne.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure it will be an encouragement or not to tell you that Emilee was just recently dealing with some similar issues... love you girl..NINA