Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fern and Leon

You know a story is going to be sweet when the main characters are named Fern and Leon.

And this is the real kind, not made up.  Although I may someday write a children's book with main characters by those names.  Because I'm smitten.

On Saturday I was struggling with our little lawn mower to try to mow a few weeks' worth of grass and weeds.  I'm not exactly known for my physical prowess, so I was struggling a bit.  Every few minutes I had to stop and dump grass clippings.  

Then slowly a white car pulled alongside my yard and stopped.  The window came down and a white haired man hollered at me, "You look like you have your work cut out for you!" 

I wasn't really in the mood for commentary, but I looked up and put on my brave face and told him I was doing the best I could.  He and his wife told me that they lived two doors down and began to make small talk with me about being from the midwest and whether I was of British descent.  They told me their names, Leon and Fern, and I told them mine.  

Then very conclusively Leon told me that he had a great riding mower and that they were going to the store but afterwards ("If it's not raining," said Fern) I'll come here and mow your yard for you.  I tried in vain to talk him out of it, but it was settled.  He told me that I would still have to do trim, but that he would be back. ("And if it rains, he'll come tomorrow," said Fern).  

He was.  A white haired angel on a riding mower.  I had mowed for an hour and half already.  I think it easily would have taken me another 5-6 hours to finish.  What a blessing he was.  

As Fern put it, "We're neighbors now, we might as well get to know each other."  I'm just excited that I have neighbors like Leon and Fern.  


Rachel @ A Cupcake for Moose said...

Oh, how sweet! They are in luck, if they like yummy treats, with you as their neighbor. I'd mow your lawn for some of those beignets. :)

Andy's Bethy said...

It is always worth meeting the neighbors- always. So sweet!