Saturday, September 24, 2011


I completely forgot what I was planning on writing about in my last entry about follow through (aside from my haircut)!  You see, last month when I was in Indiana, I was hopeful.  I was motivated.  I even downloaded an app on my phone.

I was going to run.

It seemed so possible back then.

Of course, optimism seems to rise when the temperature is a high of 85 degrees with a lovely breeze.

Then I came back to Southwest Florida and the humidity hit me, a hot, balmy, reality check.  I don't even want to walk in this weather.  I feel like my whole body slows down.  Mowing last week literally almost did me in.  And I don't mean 'literally' in the overused for exaggeration purposes.  I mean 'literally' in the "I had to stop multiple times from dizziness, couldn't drink enough water, blacked out in the shower afterwards" sense.

So, running was out.  At least until January.  So I thought, "I'll buy a bike!"  So I found myself a simple used bike with every intention of starting a new routine.  Insomnia woke me up early so I decided I would go for a ride.  I glanced at the weather - 78 degrees!  Wonderful!  Oh wait, what is that?  Feels like?  It was "feels like" 92 degrees!  At 7:30 in the morning!  Sigh.  I'm probably still going to do it, but uuugghh.  

No girl should ever have to choose between being overweight and heatstroke!

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Josh said...

ok, take this from someone who's lived in florida for over twenty years, if you have to stop from dizziness (a sign of severe dehydration), you shouldn't be starting again. shorter grass is so not worth it.