Friday, January 2, 2009

day 2

i'm not even sure what i ate yesterday.  when i made this challenge, i wasn't counting on a bad head cold and swollen knees.  so i didn't get fresh groceries until today.  breakfast was difficult without milk and eggs, so hopefully tomorrow will be better.  

the past two days i have desperately wanted convenience food!  i didn't want to stand on my hurting knees and cook food from scratch.  i didn't want to shop with my stuffy head.  

but i prevailed.  i made yummy cheesy tuna pockets with crescent rolls for lunch.  for dinner i made 15 spice rub chicken in the oven (i keep a baggie of the rub in my spice basket) and sweet potato chunks for dinner.  so all in all, success!  and i bought groceries!  

i think a big batch of chocolate chip pancakes are in order for tomorrow morning.  i freeze leftovers for yummy breakfasts on the run.  since i don't eat syrup, a few chocolate chips go a long way to appeasing my sweet tooth.  

in answer to questions - for me, i'm not making any exceptions for drinks with friends or gift cards.  i would make the gift card exception if i was doing this for a year.  and donna, i definitely think you should keep going to get drinks with friends.  you have to have little splurges when you live overseas!  this, for me, is all to break a very bad habit of mine.  the week before i left for christmas with my family, i ate out in some form every day!  who did i think i was!?  i can't afford that, physically or financially!  hence the challenge.  

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