Tuesday, January 20, 2009

prayer warriors please

this beautiful girl is Melilla.  she was my very first COAT kid.  i adore her.  her family is supposed to be leaving for bulgaria in the next month, but right now they are in the hospital.  she'll be undergoing a bone marrow test at 10 am (in a half hour) and a blood transfusion later today.  there are three possible diagnoses:

the first is a type of anemia (on the phone message it sounded like aplastic?)  this would be the worst.

the second, but not as likely, is a virus.  i have a feeling that this may be the virus that i had when i was 3.

the most likely that they are looking at is Leukemia.  

please pray for Melilla and her parents Travis & Emilie.  please pray that it's just a virus.  or that God would take it completely away.  


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Anonymous said...

give us an udate on Melilla as soon as you know--how sad--we'll pray for the "best" outcome. MOM