Wednesday, January 21, 2009



Melilla was diagnosed with AL Leukemia yesterday.  Her family will not be leaving next month for Bulgaria, as originally planned.  They have been told to expect to be stateside for at least three years.  Please pray for her.  She started Chemo today and they are checking her spinal fluid to see if the cancer is there also.  I love this little girl.  Please pray for her and her parents, Travis and Emilie as they have a long road ahead of them.  


andysbethy said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but my internet was acting up. I have been, and WILL be praying for this family. I was reminded of the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednigo (sp?) and how even when things looked bad, they still had faith. Even when they had the right to be scared, they chose to walk upright - and they walked around in fire, and came out without even the smell of smoke upon them. I know that I would be absolutely TERRIFIED right this minute if one of my kids had leukemia, but I wanted to encourage Travis and Emilie to remember that God is still working, and to not let fear win.
I cry for them. But more then that, I pray - for a miracle, or course, but beyond that, for strength for one more minute, and then one more after that.

Kelsey and Travis said...

We will for sure be praying for Melilla and her family. I can't imagine all the thoughts and fears that are going through their minds right now.

Anonymous said...

We have some very dear friends that have dealt with this...their daughter Carmel has been fine now for 4 years now. If they would like to talk to a family that has gone through this I could make the contact with them. It's weird but their diagnosis came at the first of the year also..5 years ago. Our prayers are with them... NINA

EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

I cannot even imagine what the family is going through right now with the news! Little Melilla and her family are in my prayers! I hope and pray that the Doctors have the wisdom to do what is needed to make her healthy again-or for God to give them a complete miracle of healing!