Saturday, January 24, 2009

la palacia

melilla has a caring bridge site:

her spinal fluid and brain were clear, so that's a big praise!

now this week has been just a little too busy for regular updates because i moved!  it's been quite the overwhelming week but things are starting to get a little bit more settled.  my new roommate (and old friend) jen and i will be welcoming our first coat participant roommate tomorrow night.  to say life is spinning around is putting it mildly.  my new kid's area's floor and walls have been painted, it will probably get done sometime mid-week.  coat starts on tuesday, so the timing isn't great, but thankfully the first week is held offsite, so i just have to put my trust hat on and trust other people to move everything in and set it up.  i'm sure i will have to re-arrange - so last weekend i spent packing, this weekend i spent unpacking house, next weekend i will spend unpacking and setting up my classroom and office.  when do i get to rest???  haha, oh well.  the house is truly gorgeous, i feel so blessed to be in it.  it's quite calm right now since i'm the only one home - i can't imagine what it will be like when it's full up with 8 roommates! 
i'll try and take some picture of my room, the rest of the house and my classroom soon to post.  for now, i'll show a picture of the outside.  it's gorgeous.  what a blessing!



andysbethy said...

It looks adorable. Keep us posted when you get a chance. Remember to take time to breathe!!
Thanks for the update on Melilla.
Love you!

SunnyD said...

Wow! What a beautiful house! I can't wait to see it in two years.