Thursday, January 1, 2009

eat-in january

so today starts eat-in january.  i have decided to challenge myself to not eating out at all for the next month.  no chick fil-a runs, no macdonald's sweet tea, nothing.  

"why?" you might ask.  several reasons actually.  for one, my pantry and freezer are both very well stocked.  insanely well for a single girl.  i keep forgetting that i'm not a family!  (now, my fridge is dangerously bare, but i just flew back home yesterday and today was not a day for buying groceries).   also, i've found that i've been 'on a whim' eating out multiple times a week.  it's laziness and tiredness and plain poor stewardship - not to mention bad news for my waistline!

so the challenge has begun.  

hopefully some good recipes and good times will come from this.  i already had to turn down a brunch invite this morning.  i did not anticipate a challenge so soon!  

and with the money i will hopefully be saving, as my friend erin pointed out, i can buy a new pair of jeans!

"why jeans?" you may ask?  because last night after the ball dropped, i tripped on the way out to the car.  big time.  sprawled flat in the middle of the road.  bruised and scraped hands and knees.  and you guessed it, ripped jeans.  and they were my good jeans!  the rest of my jeans are free pile jeans.  they are nice, but one pair constantly has to be hitched up and another is safety pinned together.  these were my jeans that i bought.  that i went through the torturous process of pants shopping for.  and now, they are toast.  so very sad.  

so i'm entering 2009 with a bad cold, ripped jeans, swollen knees and a major craving for chick fil-a.  i can only hope that it gets better from here!!  i am very excited about the challenge of eat-in january!


SunnyD said...

This is a good challenge! I think I'd like to try this myself. I loaded up on groceries just before Christmas with a plan to avoid major grocery shopping for at least a month. If I can resist going to McDonald's, I should do okay. Does going out for coffee w/ friends count? Maybe that can be my one freebie for the month.

Lena said...

How about if you have gift cards...does it count if you aren't using your own $$? Just curious...I try and do the same thing =) Its hard work!