Saturday, January 3, 2009

a series of unfortunate events

it's hard not to get a complex when it seems as though everything seems to break around you.  
i blew a tire a few weeks ago on my way to church.  major drama.  that came two days after my ice skating belly flopping bruises.


now i've entered into the new year with my bruised, scraped hands and knees and torn jeans.  


and within 24 hours of each other, yesterday both my cake carrier and wonderful trunk both busted.  the carrier fell off of the top shelf.  apparently my gigantic stack of publix bags was holding it up on the shelf and when they were removed it fell to it's exuberant finish.  


i brought out my trunk to go through it's contents and repack it for my upcoming house move.  and when i opened it the lid just popped off!  nail studs went flying.  i have no idea how this happened.  very sad.  




andysbethy said...

I'm with you. I understand how you feel, and I agree that it is hard not to get a complex. When everything seems to be going wrong, all at the same time, it sometimes feels like maybe, perhaps, somehow, it is your fault.
I keep telling myself that it is not. I'll tell you the same thing.
But I know that hearing it doesn't make it any easier to believe...
I think it just takes time, and perhaps something GOOD happening to change the feel in the air. I'll pray that, for both of us.
Think happy thoughts!!

Kelsey and Travis said...

I too can relate, I am currently covered in itchy bumps all over my legs and arms which I have no idea what they are, our car is in the shop AGAIN, and up until a hour ago our power had been out for over 24 hours. I think if the power wouldn't have come on I would have curled up in a ball and cried myself to sleep.